Active Learning Network UofG Satellite

The University of Glasgow is part of the Active Learning Network (ALN). The ALN is a group of educators from around the world who share an interest in active approaches to learning. It holds monthly meetings, runs regular events, and collates resources. Colleagues from the University of Glasgow have been attending meetings and events for some time now, and a group of us decided to formalise the arrangement by applying to be a satellite site in Glasgow, and set up a steering group to facilitate this.

The steering group is currently led by Dr Vicki Dale, Dr Frances Docherty, Dr Sarah Honeychurch, Dr Leagh Powell, Dr Gayle Pringle-Barnes and Dr Nathalie Tasler. We have a dedicated Teams set up to support practitioners at UofG interested in Active Learning Practice and Scholarship (ALPS), and a dedicated channel within this for the UofG ALN Satellite. UofG colleagues with an interest in active learning are all invited to join us in Teams, or to contact any of the steering group via the links above.

On January 17th 2022, the University of Glasgow held a meeting to formally launch the ALN Satellite.

Members of the UofG Satellite recently collaborated on the ALN book Betts, T. & Oprandi, P. (Eds.). (2022). 100 Ideas for Active Learning. OpenPress @ University of Sussex.

Vicki, Sarah and Frances were co-leads for the 2022 5th International Active Learning Conference – Moving forward with confidence

Sarah is co-lead of the ALN inaugural CPD Series which will take place in November 2022.